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Mom of 5

My new car had that 'new car smell' from the seats, and mats, and vinyl and cleaning agents, so badly, it was actually making me physically sick. I was worried we'd have to return the car. We ran the air purifier in it overnight and the chemical smell was 90% gone the next morning. So relieved!

James Barbour
Award-winning Broadway Star

As a professional singer, I’ve performed in thousands of different venues around the world, both old and new. ...This air purifier has leveled the playing field for me in terms of air quality. With the Atomfizer running I feel like I can breathe easier, my nasal passage has opened and anything that was ‘in the air’ seems to be gone. Not only do I have it running in my home, but without a doubt, I will be traveling with it to every venue in which I perform.

MLM Distributor

This air purifier really works great! We put it in my daughter's room and besides making a noticiable improvement in her allergies... It also removed the odor from our dog’s wee-wee pad in her bathroom. The great thing is that it doesn't leave that strange ozone smell like the last machine we had. The air just smells and feels clean. It also is super quiet; you don’t even realize it’s on.


I love it! My Mother in-law was staying over watching the baby and she had a bad cough. The next morning she was clear and well.


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Sunny Jensen

Our CEO/Partner is a seasoned executive with an educator background.  She creates stability for our organization, ensuring the highest-quality delivery from the rest of the team. On top of her CEO and CFO duties, she also manages research, compliance & vendors.

Monica Agami

The COO/Partner, Monica has spent the better part of her career creating and growing an international certified financial planning firm. At USA Tech Direct, she drives the sales teams for all our lines while also managing all sub-distributor and reseller relationships.